Facts Of Franchise

With a guaranteed profit of Rs. 1 Lakh every month, there is a less-risk strategy adopted, which ensures minimal wastage of food and losses which cannot be ensured by other franchisee providers.

Why franchise with us?

We provide a complete package that includes the setup of the franchise and how to run it in the best format and continuous advice on development. The franchisees need no prior experience as end-to-end training is taken care of by the franchisor. The primary advantage of having a franchise rather than an individual shop is that a franchise helps a small business in competing with the big names and top guns in the industry. The opening of franchises with us ensures guaranteed returns of a minimum of Rs. 3,000 per day as per the daily profit records. The benefit of being a franchise is that the name and trademark of the franchisor can be used for promotions by the franchise holder.

Presenting a unique idea for restaurants

Hyderabad dishes

Employee Training & Development

Customer Service is one of the star-studded factors of Hyderabadi Pakwan. There are frequent training sessions that help in shaping the service team to be physically and mentally pleasing to the customers and earn their loyalty. Knowledge sharing to improvise the skills of the staff has indirectly boosted the competency levels between the staffs.

What makes us special?

Old is gold. We are providing the unique and traditional taste of Hyderabadi dishes to our customers. With our completely ready-to-cook masala kit and paste, we are providing the same taste as the legendary cooks of “Nizams”, passed on to the legacy chefs. Opening a restaurant can be a huge pain but we are here to reduce that pain by providing you with the best solution for the complete consultancy and setup advice from scratch.

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